Mehndi Stages Decoration & Hire

Mehndi Stages Decoration & Hire – Asian Style Wedding Services offers comprehensive mehndi planning and administration. Our showpiece is a lovely Mehndi stage complete with Mattress, cushions, bolsters, and table decor. In addition, we provide Mehndi themed backdrops with unobtrusive illumination that perfectly sets the tone throughout a Mehndi event. We specialise in luxuriously designed Mehndi themes that set the tone with grace, elegance, and sophistication.

The ambience and tone of event will be created by the design and execution of Asian themed Mehndi decorations, which can make all the difference. Our Mehndi stages, variety of décor, Jhoola (Swing) theme and floral arrangements (hina stages) especially yellow, green or orange coloured themes will bring a touch of classiness and refinement to your celebrations.

Clients can access our showroom at Birmingham to choose from our extensive stock of decor and to observe the Mehndi set-up prior to their function. 

We custom design our programmes according to your budget, demands, and personal specifications, so if you have any questions, please phone us at +44 7427 163428 or email us at any time.